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We cultivate kinship and engage the community by offering a variety of learning cohorts, projects, and events.

Click on images to learn more about each current offering. We hope you join us!

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This cohort will reflect on the impact of settler colonialism on our self-understanding and journey of Christian discipleship. Following the lead of the seminal work by Elaine Enns and Chad Myers, participants will explore landlines (immigrant family histories and places), bloodlines (embodied stories and what we have inherited from our family and cultural formation) and songlines (traditions of faith that have animated resilience, redemptive practices, and continue to resource the work of justice and healing today). 

Past Cohorts, Projects, and Events

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A film-based learning cohort exploring the theme of kinship as it relates to language, music, hospitality, and life together. 

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A coalition of local gardeners and urban farmers working together to share produce boxes, recipes, and instructional teaching with the community


Walking With Deep Time Keepers

A forest walk through the "treasure tree" grove of Ribbonwalk Nature preserve, listening to American Beech, towering white oaks, and black maples.

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A guided dinner + discussion gathering exploring embodied allyship, community, and liberation


Bring-and-share Kinship Dinners are open to anyone who longs to experience kinship through good food and good conversation. 

Kinship Dinners

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Embodied Kinship Cohort +Using Bantum’s book as inspiration, come explore the creation of
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