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We engage the community through learning cohorts, projects, and events

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Healing Haunted Histories Spring Course

Registration now open!

We hope you join us for this deep-dive into a discipleship journey of decolonization, co-hosted by QC Family Tree, Beloved Community Charlotte, and Kinship Plot, and facilitated by Greg Jarrell and Stephanie Vander Lugt. In this course we will interact with the book Healing Haunted Histories by Elaine Enns and Chad Myers. Together, we will trace the threads of our own landlines, bloodlines, and songlines as we seek to heal in solidarity with those who have been most negatively impacted by the ongoing legacies of colonization. Meetings will happen at QC Family Tree's Marian House, 2916 Parkway Ave, 28208, from 6:30-8:30 PM. 

Meeting dates:

Feb 7 -  Foreword thru Introduction with author Elaine Enns

Feb 21 - Chapter 1

Feb 28 - Landlines I

March 14 - Bloodlines I

March 21 - Songlines I

March 28 - Theological Interlude led by Elaine Enns

April 11 - Landlines II

April 18 - Bloodlines II

May 2 - Songlines II

May 16 - Chapter 8

May 23 - Concluding

Entangled Existence 2023.png

2023 Entangled Existence Cohort

Registration now open!

This five-month collaborative learning cohort will incite reflection on our delightfully entangled life with the earth and fellow creatures through curated readings, guided reflections, rooted practices, and optional outings.

Click on the graphic to learn more and register.

The cohort meets from 3-5pm EST one Sunday a month from January to May 2023, with virtual-live instruction and dialogue from 315-445pm EST. Local participants (Charlotte, NC) are encouraged to participate in person. All other participants can join via virtual-live format (Zoom), perhaps gathering with others in your area to enjoy in-person connection and a watch party.


How to Inhabit Time

Written Discussion Forum

This Fall, we are reading and discussion a new book by James K. A. Smith entitled How to Inhabit Time

As long appreciators of Smith’s work, we believe this book will offer crucial wisdom for developing timefulness and living well now in light of memory and hope. This connects with Kinship Plot’s mission to imagine and embody resonant relationships of every kind, including our relationship with time.

This forum is open to anyone to contribute thoughts, questions, and musings. Click here or on the image to access the online discussion forum, and we forward to reading and learning alongside you!

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Past Cohorts, Projects, and Events

Kinship Kids Winter Solstice Nature Walk

Come celebrate the shortest day of the yearwith a simple, kid-centered ecotherapy nature walk. We will gather at Clark's Creek Nature Preserve at 10 AM and depart on the walk around 10:20 AM. The trail is flat and an accesible 0.6 mi. in length. The time will include some simple prompts and nature-based exercises for kids, a nature walk worksheet, and a Christmas treat to be enjoyed post-hike! Every child must have a caregiver present (this is NOT a drop-off event). Dress warmly! We will proceed as long as it isn't raining. Bring water and an additional snack if your kiddo tends to get the munchies.

Kinship Kids Nature walk.png

Cinematic Kinship Cohort

A film-based learning cohort exploring the theme of kinship as it relates to language, music, hospitality, and life together.

We will have four sessions in Fall 2022 on the second Sunday evening of each month (September 11, October 9, November 13, and December 11) from 6:30-8:30pm. You can watch each film at your leisure, take notes on any musings or questions, and come to our monthly gatherings for facilitated discussion and lively connection. Anyone is welcome, and you don't need any prior experience with this kind of cohort to participate!

Cinematic Kinship.png

Walking Among Deep Time Keepers

Do you long to experience a deeper connection with the natural world? Do you sense a kinship with creation but find it difficult to explain what makes that relationship so powerful? Are you interested in learning more about trees as well as listening to their wisdom?

At Kinship Plot, we believe that resonant relationship with the more-than-human world is central to holistic healing and spiritual flourishing. We find deep joy in simple practices like walking, listening, forest bathing, and co-naming, and we would love to share these with you on a walk through one of our favorite forests in Charlotte. This forest includes an official "treasure tree" grove of American Beech, as well as towering white oaks and black maples, and we'll take time to ponder and listen to what these trees have to teach us.


Thyme to Heal

Thyme to Heal is a project powered by Kinship Plot in partnership with the Center for Women work release prison in Charlotte, NC. We believe that kinship with land and plants is part of the holistic picture of healing, connection, and wholeness, and everyone should have access to these.

Thyme to Heal is a collaboration of local gardeners and urban farmers working together to share bi-weekly produce boxes, recipes, and instructional teaching with residents of the Center for Women work release prison in Charlotte.

Thyme to Heal.png

Kinship Dinner

Our bring-and-share Kinship Dinners are open to anyone who long to experience kinship through good food and good conversation. For our kinship dinner in September, the food theme was "anything you can put in a tortilla" and the conversational theme is "the plot." What "plots" (storylines) have shaped you? Which ones are you currently living by? Which ones would you like to shed? Which ones do you hope to continue following? What schemes and plots are currently needed in this world for life to flourish?


Mokita Meal

A guided dinner + discussion gathering exploring embodied allyship, community, and liberation.

Mokita meal Insta.png

Community Conversation

On April 7, 2022 we hosted a community conversation as part of Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Mecklenburg County. In summer 2021 our County Commissioners charged the Charlotte-Mecklenburg library to research and craft a report on the harm caused by racist policies and practices of our county’s government from its inception in 1868 to today. The gathering engaged the results of the report, allowed us to share personal stories of impact, and imagine restorative practices that will lead toward repair. C4 Counseling and Warehouse 242 co-hosted the conversation and for QC Family Tree in provided the community conversation guide. 

T&R Community Conversation_edited.jpg

Garden Work Day

As we plant the garden this year, we are seeking to increase our yield in order to share with neighbors and increase the scope of our kinship. Several friends plunged their hands into the soil and co-labored with us. The work was lighter and way more delightful.

Kinshiptime(2) (1).png

Away with the Mangers

The Good Neighbor Movement of Greensboro, NC curated an impactful liturgy as an opportunity to marry spiritual formation with direct action for the sake of resisting housing injustice and homelessness (mangers represent insufficient and unstable housing for our Savior, as well as our neighbors). We met  Mondays during Advent ( 11/29, 12/6, 12/13, 12/20) at 8:30 PM for  30 minutes on Zoom to walk through the liturgy which includes a word of scripture, song/imagery/poetry, a litany or prayer, short reflection, and call to action. Participants were invited to come and listen/contemplate or discuss and interact, whatever was most fitting for them.

Away with the mangers (1).png

Performing Kinship

Through an evening of performance art and spoken word poet and theologian de'Angelo Dia enticed us to consider what kinship means today. The evening included interaction, dialogue, artistic response, and experiencing solidarity with one another.

Performing Kinship FB.png

Our Entangled Existence Cohort

We entered 2022 with a growing sense of the cracks that are impacting our shared life on this earth. Ecological destruction, climate change, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the overflow of these forces into social inequity are inviting us to listen to the fundamental wisdom that has always been true: we are all connected. How might our entangled existence with plants, rocks, animals, and our environment be beckoning us to re-orient our attention and habits? How are we to live on this wounded earth that we are complicit in abusing? What does it mean to be faithful creatures on God's earth, not as dominators but as tender kin? What might this mean for our collective survival, the healing of our bodies, communities, and our shared world? These are questions of Christian discipleship and repentance that intend not to condemn but transform us.

Entangled Existence.png

 Embodied Kinship Cohort

Using Bryan Bantum’s stunning book The Death of Race this cohort explores how the biblical story carries an antidote to the death production of racism in order to un-learn and un-practice the ways it has worked into all of our systems, especially our bodies, imaginging what it might look like to build a new Christianity in a racial world.  This cohort is designed to be  a liberatory space to learn, delight, and commune with each other in the sacred and ongoing work of anti-racism,  including four workshops with reflective, creative prompts to engage in between meetings.

Embodied Kinship Cohort +Using Bantum’s book as inspiration, come explore the creation of
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