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What is kinship?

Kinship is the deep belonging, resonant relationships, and entangled identities that bring us fully alive. We believe humans are created for kinship with God, each other, and the other-than-human world. This kinship is not limited to blood ties and natural connections but moves us into surprising intimacies and boundary-breaking bonds. As people of Christian faith, we affirm that joyful kinship reflects a God whose very essence is kinship and who has designed the whole universe for resonant relationships and vibrant wholeness.

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What is the plot?

The plot of kinship is threefold. First, plot refers to the place­—an actual plot of land—where we embody kinship with God, each other, and the earth. Second, plot indicates the story of kinship, which is the story of God’s quest to heal and unite all things. Third, plot denotes a scheme, and while some schemes can be evil, we believe kinship is a delightful scheme with the power to subvert forces that keep us isolated, muted, and at odds.

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What are resonant relationships?

Relationships are resonant when they are responsive, vibrant, and flourishing. In short, resonant relationship make you feel fully alive and joyfully connected to God, others, and the earth. The opposite of resonance is the feeling of isolation, flatness, and boredom so common in contemporary life. Kinship Plot is a living laboratory for learning and practicing resonant relationships.

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How do we imagine and embody resonant relationships?

We pursue our mission through collaborative learning, contemplative action, formative artistry, slow cultivation, and liberatory welcome. We call these motifs. A motif is a theme or element that runs through a story or piece of music. The motifs intersect and interact with one another, ebb and flow based on the season, and extend into the future through our collective imagination. Scroll down to learn what we are currently doing and how we are dreaming for the future. Join us!

About: What We Do

Collaborative Learning

What we are doing: Cohorts, classes, workshops, and learning events focused on exploring the meaning and possibilities of kinship

How we are dreaming: A physical place to learn alongside others in the context of shared meals, encounters with natural and artistic beauty, embodied practices, and reflection in action; certifications in partnership with educational institutions; collaborative learning fellows program


Slow Cultivation

What we are doing: Small-scale organic gardening, permaculture education and design

How we are dreaming: A plot of land to practice permaculture and kinship with the land; food justice and festive kinship initiatives with the community; slow cultivation fellows program


Formative Artistry

What we are doing: Commissions and collaborations with artists & public art events; art-based learning cohorts

How we are dreaming: Artist-in-residence program, studio and incubator space, art workshops and public events


Contemplative Action

What we are doing: Engaging in a rule of life and contemplative practices to spiritually root our action; incorporating contemplative practices into learning opportunities and community gatherings

How we are dreaming: Pilgrimages; guided retreats to nourish the inner lives of justice-seekers; contemplative action fellows program


Liberatory Welcome

What we are doing: Sharing meals, welcoming strangers and sojourners, engaging in life together on the plot

How we are dreaming: Establishing an intentional community with fellows, sojourners, and transitional residents; beautiful space to welcome those experiencing displacement or transition as well as those longing for respite and renewal

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