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What is Resonance?

Kinship Plot is all about imagining and embodying resonant relationships, but what is resonance and what does it have to do with relationships?

Einstein once said that everything in life is vibration. When one thing begins to vibrate (like a tuning fork), it can cause another thing to vibrate at the same frequency when it comes close (like another tuning fork). This is the essence of acoustic resonance: vibrating in response to another vibrating body.

Relationally, a similar thing can occur. Resonance is possible wherever there is a responsive relationship, one in which each voice is honored and heard. We all long for resonant relationships–whether with God, each other, and other-than-human beings–because they make us feel fully alive and meaningfully connected. According to Hartmut Rosa's magisterial study called Resonance: A Sociology of our Relationship to the World, resonant relationship are not necessarily harmonious and conflict-free, but they do provide the possibility for transformation and response within an often silent, indifferent world.

Kinship Plot exists to make space for resonant relationships because we believe this is humanity's deepest longing and purpose. We were created by an eternally resonant God to enjoy resonant relationships, and through simple practices like eating together, tending the soil, learning in community, and cultivating beautiful things, we believe it's possible to regain resonance where it has been lost or forgotten.

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